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As the year comes to a close,

The Kate Broddick Team looks back over some of the funny and unusual stories we’ve experienced as REALTORS®. From seeing a naked person during a showing, to finding tenants still asleep in bed, our Team has seen it all!

It’s not all serious paperwork and meetings—we have a lot of fun too. So we sat down with our agents to hear some of their hilarious tales on the road.

creepy hand from under the stairsLISA SLY: The surprise under the stairs

“I was showing a home that was listed by a local agent earlier this year. My client and I were walking through and as we made our way to the basement we noticed a lot of the life size Halloween decor on display.

It wasn’t even close to the holiday but we just thought they must be huge fans. We were checking everything out and as I opened the door to the storage under the stairs, there was a LIFE-SIZED Frankenstein standing right there and scared me to death!

Of course I yelled a bad word at the top of my lungs and my client laughed so hard. Just glad she wasn’t offended by my choice of words!”

angry looking catJESS BRENNAN: Attack in the “Hiss” House

“I was showing a home to buyers I had just met at an open house a week prior. The tour was going well. They loved the layout and gushed over the kitchen and were discussing possibly putting forth an offer.

When we came to the last room on the tour I noticed the door was closed but there appeared to be a light on inside. I knocked on the door as a courtesy and when I didn’t hear anything, I proceeded to open it. It was only slightly open when I heard a hiss and a gigantic angry cat came leaping towards the open door (and my face).

I don’t think that I’ve ever screamed that loud. I slammed the door shut. A few choice words also escaped my mouth. We all had a good laugh at the situation but my client’s decided to move onto another property.”

a girl grossed out by what she sees on her computerKATE BRODDICK: A horrifying discovery in the basement

“We were selling a lovely home that was occupied by a very grumpy tenant (to put it mildly). He was upset that there were going to be showings at the home and agents coming through with their buyers on a regular basis.

We went above and beyond to accommodate his wishes and not inconvenience him too much, but nothing we did would appease him. He went out of his way to scare potential buyers during their showings, or put up signs claiming the house was full of mold (it wasn’t).

The final straw was when we received a note from another agent who had just shown the property. Apparently the tenant was home during the showing, went down to the basement, and left his underpants with a very large, stinky “gift” inside for the buyers! Wow!

He just laid out in the middle of the laundry room floor. I’ve never been so embarrassed hearing this happened at one of my listings, let alone having to share what happened with the seller of the home. So embarrassing.”

a sick man curled up in a blanketNICOLE SLADE: The curse of the sick neighbour

“One time I was showing a condo in Hamilton. This property was quite nice but unfortunately it had very, and I mean VERY thin walls. Each unit sort of mirrored the others on the floor.

So, as I was showing ensuite bathroom, the neighbour on the other side of the wall was having what sounded like a very bad day with a very upset stomach. The poor guy was making all kinds of sounds.

At first we were thinking ‘what is that noise?” and then realized what it was. We all burst out laughing and ran out of the room. As for my buyers? They kept shopping for a place with thicker walls!”

several antique dolls on a shelfSTACEY WILLS: They’re watching me

“It’s not uncommon to see people’s collections on display when you go to a showing. Some might collect ceramic sculptures, or cute teacups. For me it’s always unsettling when you are surrounded by a doll collection. I don’t know what it is about their faces or their eyes?

But they just seem scary to me (and apparently I’m not the only one!).

I was showing my clients a rural property. It needed a bit of updating but had the most beautiful property, great bones and the main floor layout was really amazing. Then we hit the basement. It was like stepping back in time with all antique colours & patterns—and then we saw it.

A huge display cabinet of dolls! It’s like they’re watching your every move as you show the house. To this day if I go to a showing and there’s a collection of dolls, I take a picture and text my client one of those ‘remind you of any houses we have seen’ messages!”

photo of actor Nicholas CageREBECCA JOHNSON: Big Nicolas Cage Fans

“I once showed a property that on the surface seemed like a regular house. But as my buyers and I moved throughout the home, we realized they had taped pictures of Nicolas Cage’s face on top of all their family photos!

I guess they really didn’t want us to know who owned the home. That was a definitely strange and funny experience!”

You really never know what you’re going to find when you step inside a house for a showing.

That’s what keeps this job fun and interesting.

If you’re a seller, remember that potential buyers are going to come across everything in your home, so keep your eye out for anything that could surprise or scare or turn them off!

And for buyers? Wear your comfortable shoes and bring your sense of humour. You never know what you’re gonna get!

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